Chapter 1211

Blairsville, GA (KDZJ)

Tool Loan Program

The following Chapter members have agreed to allow some of their own personal aircraft tools to be loaned out to fellow EAA members: 

1.      Tools can be loaned out for a period of two (2) weeks.  You may be able to extend the loan period with permission from the tool owner.

2.      Tools are to be returned in the same condition you borrowed them.  Normal wear and tear is expected.  Tools that are damaged or lost are expected to be repaired or replaced by the Chapter member that borrowed the tool.

3.      If you see a tool that you would like to borrow, contact the member listed below by email or phone.  If you need a tool that is not listed, check with other members at our Chapter meetings.  Many of our members have tools and are willing to loan their tools to other Chapter members. 

Remember, these are personal tools of the members listed below.  Please take care of the tools that you borrow. If you'd like to add your tools to this list, email Caleb with the information.

Jim Olson
Murphy, NC 28906

Personal tools to lend out:

*Hand Rivet Squeezer – 1.50” Yoke

*Rivet sets for squeezer, plus a few Dimple dies

*Rivet Gun 2X with bucking bar

*Blind Rivet removal tool

*Small bending Brake – 18”

*Fluting Pliers

*Hand Seamier

*Adjustable Rivet Spacer

*Pop Rivet Hand tool

*Hand Rivet Cutter

*Brake Lining Rivet set

*Speed Deburring tool

*Double Edge Deburring Tool

*Air Drill ¼”

*Cleco Pliers

*Clecos - *3/32”, 1/8”, 5/32”, 3/16”

*Aviation Snips – Left, Right, Straight

*Hand Nibbling tool

*Unibit step Drill bit ¾”

*Bi-Metal Hole saws – up to 2 1/2”

*Angle Drill attachment – with drill bits

*Die Grinder ¼”

*Edge Rolling Tool

*Round “Knock-Out” punch & die for Instrument Holes, 2-1/4” & 3-1/8”

*Heat Gun

*Safety Nut drilling jig

*”Center It” Hole Drilling Jig

*Cable cutter

*Hand swaging tool

*RG58 coax crimper


Donald Speroni
Blairsville, Ga. 30512

 Personal Tools to lend out:                              

*2 HP portable air compressor with pressure regulator and hoses

*Pressure regulator with water separator

*Binks Model #7 siphon Spray gun.

*Touch up gravity feed spray gun

*Thayer and Chandler air brush

*One gallon pressure pot with twin regulators, hoses and gun

*Portable Oxy /Acetylene Light welding and cutting outfit

*3X Rivet Gun, Bee hives and assorted rivet drivers and 3 bucking bars

*Assorted Job rivets and rivet cutter.

*Lt, Rt & straight tin snips

*Heavy duty panel cutter and assorted tools. Sort of an air hammer.

*Small, light duty floor jack

*3 ton Bottle Jack

*8 jack stands (4 heavy duty, 4 light duty)

*Assorted clamps hard & soft, various lengths up to 8 ft.

*Heavy duty, slow speed, reversible ½ in drill

*True RMS Meter measures amps.

*Engine lift stand. High reach. 

Bret Smith
Mineral Bluff, GA

Personal tools to lend out: 

*3x aircraft riveting gun

*Beehive spring for rivet gun

*Quick change retaining spring for rivet gun

*Spring back dimple dies 3/32DDS

*Spring back dimple dies 1/8DDS

*Spring back dimple dies 6DDS

*Spring back dimple dies 8DDS

*Pop rivet dimplers AN-426 rivets 3/32

*Bucking bar 1-1/2 lbs.

*Bucking bar 2 lbs.

*Bucking bar 2-1/2 lbs

*.401" shank rivet sets / for universal an470 rivets 1/8" cup

*Double offset rivet set / for universal an470 rivets 1/8" cup

*Flush swivel rivet set

*Back riveting rivet set

*Fluting plier

*Hand seamer / 3-1/2 jaw

*Cleco pliers

*Edge rolling tool

*Sioux 1/4" air drill 3600 rpm

*Micro-stop countersink cage + nylon foot piece

*Stop countersink cutters -- 100° #40

*Stop countersink cutters -- 100° #30

*Stop countersink cutters -- 100° #20

*Pop rivet tool

*Squeezer set mix (6 pcs)

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